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Recruit: The Thinker - Clear

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At 100 square feet per unit, Recruit: The Thinker compliments the infinite space of your mind with the leading aesthetic and performance in dry erase surfaces. It thinks with you, at one with your mind, responds to you instantly.


Robust and visible, a dry erase surface as responsive as your own mind

The engineers of Draw It Performance set out to create a high-performing dry erase surface that supports people who work in a constant state of creation. The result is Recruit: The Thinker, a cleaner, brighter sophisticated formula with a contemporary attitude and plenty of opportunities to spark creativity.

Our dry-erase surface’s emphasis on performance is readily visible. The glass-like finish, a result of proprietary self-leveling and smoothing properties, makes this creative canvas more robust while bringing visible performance to any environment. 


Professional grade - for heavy usage in a medium sized business

Draw-It Wipe - wipes clean effortlessly with anything

Self Smoothing Paint - provides a smooth, glass-like dry-erase surface after application

Self Leveling - removes roller marks, overlap marks, roller texture during application

ColorHD - Marker colors display more vibrantly on a whiter whiteboard paint surface

Anti Ghosting - no residual marks left behind after immediate erasing

Anti Staining - no residual marks left behind after long term usage

UV Force - whiteboard paint will not fade, yellow, turn opaque from UV damage for 10 years

Cleaner-free wipe - no need to use whiteboard cleaners to remove marks ever