Whiteboard Paint’s Performance 1-2-3

A performance whiteboard paint maker for a results oriented world. Draw It Paint manufactures specialized dry erase paint systems to perform in today’s results driven professionals. Our exclusive dry erase paint formulas come in Professional, Commercial, and Industrial strengths for your unique preference and usage in white, black, clear.

The true performance of dry-erase is known to very few, because like everything else, true performance is hard to find. The three fundamental performance criteria to whiteboards are as follows:

Erasability – Can it erase without the use of spray cleaners?

Duration – Can it erase with marks are left, and for how long?

Cycle – How many times can you erase it before it no longer does?

This is true for all whiteboards: vinyl, melamine, enamel, porcelain-steel, glass, paint. Using this test, you can see that paper is not dry erase as it cannot erase (dry erase markers), has no duration, and a cycle of zero. Similar to paper is vinyl, melamine and low quality paints. Porcelain and Glass are similar in erasability and duration. Porcelain coatings deteriorate over time and has fewer cycles than glass. Glass has poor visibility and lacks the vibrancy and contrast.

Draw It Paint is superior in erasability and duration to porcelain and glass, has more usable cycles than porcelain, and provides unparalleled color contrast and visibility. Our exclusive dry erase paint formulas in Professional, Commercial, and Industrial strengths, tailored to your performance.