Utilizing Your Performance

There are many choices we make in our day to day lives that make everyday tasks a little easier. With your Draw It Paint Surface there are some great tricks to know and products to use to ensure you have the best experience with your dry-erase surface. 

One of the biggest differences Draw It Paint customers notice in performance is which markers they use. Draw It Paint highly recommends Expo Bold Dry Erase Markers, so much so we include one with every order. These markers are great for bold colors with great clarity as well as being very easy to remove.

Another topic of concern some Draw It Paint users may run into some discrepancies with is erasing. We typically recommend microfiber clothes as they are the best bet to achieving the cleanest surface. Included with your order as well, these clothes completely remove marker ink instead of streaking the board and removing all other surface residue you may have.

If you run into a dirty board thats getting tough to wipe away you may want to do a quick wipe down with some rubbing alcohol. Over time your surface may build up from residue from oil on your skin or dirt. This may be why you aren’t obtaining an effortless wipe.

When it comes down to it, the overall care and upkeep of your surface is very minimal if the recommended tools are used and the cleaning tips are followed. These tricks are to help maximize the use and accessibility of your board. 

Clean space, Fresh ideas.