Utilize Your Space

What does utilizing your space mean? Here at Draw It Paint we work day in and day out ,with lots of information,ideas, and concerns passing through our desks.Utilizing what space we have to work with makes sure productivity and creation go hand in hand.One of our favorite tools, you’ve probably guessed by now, is our own dry erase boards!

Each unit of dry erase paint comes in with enough paint to cover 100 square feet,meaning we work wall to wall each day.Making good use of excellent dry erase space can be puzzling and tricky for some,but the key is to ensure a constant flow of information.

Creating your ideas on the wall from pen to paper and back again is all apart of the process, letting you erase,modify or add to your ideas and projects. Don’t be shy when it comes to making mistakes,we made sure to include a microfiber cloth in each unit, making it so your always a step away from the perfect wipe.

Be bold, go with Expo Bolds for the best and most vibrant look. In meetings,projects, and brain storming its often quite useful to have a handful of different markers to coordinate ideas,organize your work-flow,and color code your work.Often times we can get clouded or caught up in our own ideas and forget to stay organized.

Tackling how to start, and how to organize your work flow can be tough,especially at the beginning a project. Finding out what works best for you is trial and error, but we made sure you have a lot of room to work with and some tools to get you started. Here’s to utilizing your space!

Control your space,control your workload.