Revitalizing Your Work-Flow

We all have a capacity to create and build great things,and with the proper tools,organization and space you can revitalize your work-flow. We can often get swamped or overwhelmed with ideas,information, and projects;building system,recording productivity and looking at your space can help.

We get requests quite often for smaller product sizes as people inquire about small businesses,home offices, and personal white-board spaces.”Why does your product cover 100 square feet per unit,”
or “I don’t need that much white-board space,” are common statements we here time to time.Our product’s measured and designed on the belief and understanding that once you have a high preforming dry-erase space, you’ll use it a lot more then you do now! Any less then 100 square feet wouldn’t effectively sample or demonstrate our product due to its function and mixing. We make sure each unit of Draw It Paint is enough to cover 100 square feet twice with two coats,as one person typically needs 100 square feet of dry-erase space.You can also store any unmixed paint from your project for up to a year,so you’re in no rush to use it all right away.

Theres many different tools alongside your Draw It Paint surface you can use to revitalize your work-flow! When it comes to bringing your ideas to life alongside our product you can utilize some other very common,but often overlooked tools. When it comes to tracking your progress and ideas,its often very useful to keep track of work as you write and create with notes,dates,and tasks written down. From classes to meetings,taking down important information,dates,ideas, and feedback increases your performance and centralizes your work!

Once you have your notebook you can track your work and then create a calender for your projects! When you have your notebook organized and dated you can easily track how long certain tasks take and can schedule them into your calender. You can start with something easy like your morning routine for practice and get an idea of how you want to organize your time/tasks. Practicing and remaining diligent of tracking and scheduling your life and work helps you accomplish things so much more efficiently and lets you have a clearer idea of how your input will work into your output. 

Revitalizing your work-flow takes time,effort and trial and error.With the right tools,the right mindset, and an organized schedule you can bring your dry-erase space alive with your ideas!

Your space, Your way.