Revitalize Your Space

Spring is here and that means the always dreaded spring cleaning. Often times we can put it off or ignore it altogether. But the fact remains taking the time to clean and revitalize your space remains important to keep your workspace (and your dry-erase board) fresh and full of new ideas!

Our paint is packed to the brim with fresh ideas, innovating your space, from anti-ghosting anti-staining technology to chemical abrasion and physical abrasion resistance. Each of our paints offers a glass-like finish and vibrant marker color display. We work hard to make sure your dry-erase space fresh, clear, and on the cutting edge; Stretching the boundaries of what dry-erase surfaces can be,

Dusting off the cobwebs after winter can be stressful, especially when trying to get back into the swing of things after the holiday season. It’s always good to ease back into things, breaking down each task is essential. Taking inventory of what needs to be done, cleaned, bought, moved, or sold! Using your dry-erase space lets you see your ideas come to life, and helps relieve the stress of those pent up projects, plans, and goals.

Once you have your inventory was taken, its always good to look at your workspace! It can be something as big as rearranging your office space or something small like purchasing a new calendar or daytimer. Every effort forward allows you to see how you can take control and renew your space.
Give yourself the time to declutter. clean up and find what’s missing in your space!

Spring is here, and with it comes rebirth and growth. Take the time in your day to start revitalizing your space and see where it can take you. Fill the gaps and look at what you need. Each step forward is a step to a convenient, fresh space.

New growth, leads to new ideas.