Embracing Your Space

From your office to your home we all have ways we embrace and define our spaces.  From adding the extra shelving in your home office, to squeeze in your favorite books on display, to setting up your desk at work with your favorite stationary and snacks.  Each addition lets you make your space that much more efficient and comfortable for you.

We have over 30,000 sqft of dry-erase surface in our offices and warehouses for things such as scheduling, checklists,brainstorming, fulfilling orders, testing new product and the like.  Each dry-erase surface comes packed with features that allow you to embrace your space whatever way you like.  All our dry-erase paints come with ColorHD making marker display more vibrant and colorful.  We recommend Expo Bolds for the best color on your Draw It Paint Surface.  As well each dry-erase surface comes with UV Force protecting your surface from yellowing,fading,or turning opaque for ten years! We make sure that you have the right Draw It Paint surface for your office and space,with our customer service experts just a call away.

Building and defining your workspace whether you need a dry-erase space for a warehouse,office space, small businesses, or home offices we have a variety of options that have you covered.  Theres lots of things you can add to your space that make things a little more cozy while still helping you create and present your ideas effectively.  Always be sure to have pen and paper near by picking colors and layouts that work best for you and your projects.  From brainstorming, to content planning, to scheduling, writing down notes, ideas or plans alongside what you have draw out for yourself.  Your dry-erase space allows you to add a personal touch or flavor to it while being able to send detailed, finished copies of your work from your notes and Draw It Paint surface.

Don’t be afraid to design and add things to your work-flow that let you embrace your space.

With clarity in mind.