Draw It Paint: Whiteboard Meetings That WORK

When you work, you need a whiteboard paint that works. In whiteboard meetings that work there has to be more than just talk. At a true “whiteboard meeting,” monumentally productive work is accomplished. Outlines, objectives, and flowcharts are created. Solutions, and groundbreaking advances are made and strategies tested. The beginning of each project when a team comes together often sets the tone for the rest of the work.

During your meeting, it is important to be able to rely on your whiteboard technology, to make changes directly, without interruption. Draw It paint is the only whiteboard that works with the use of a wide range of effortless erasing options and endless marker selection to allow this. When you work, you need a whiteboard paint that works; no sprays, no wipes, with any marker. Every time, this allows you to  focus to the actual work, a whiteboard that works, is a meeting that works.

These face-to-face meetings are more efficient. They start on time, and stay on topic. There is little sidetracking, which tends to derail productive work. Those who wish to monitor the session but not participate directly can do so with ease. The clarity in communications leads to fewer misunderstandings and misdirections in the work after, which leads to overall project efficiency. The meetings are productive, and the inspirational leaps forward are achieved during the meeting rather than afterward.